Saturday, May 7, 2011

Diaper Cake for MacKenzie

I made my first diaper cake a few weeks ago, and thought I'd share how EASY it was to do.  The picture you see above is in the beginning stages of decorating.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a good pic of the finished cake.  I do have a few more pics to share, but they were taken on a cell phone, and the lighting was really bad.

Making the tiers for the cake was super simple.  You'll need diapers, small ponytail holders (I found clear and black near the hairbows and barrettes at my local Target), a large rubber band for each tier you plan to make, ribbon and your items to use to decorate.  I also used a baby bottle in the middle of the first tier to give me something to build around.  I filled it with M & Ms for mom. 

Start by rolling up each diaper from the fold out.  Wrap it with a small band to secure it.  When they're all rolled, secure them together in a circles around the bottle (or building out around a single diaper in the center)with the large rubber band.  My top tier had a total of 7 diapers...1 in the center and a "ring" of 6.  The middle would be 1 in the center with 2 "rings" around that.  In my case, it was built around the top of the bottle.  The bottom layer has a center and 3 "rings".  All that's left to do is deocrate. 

I wrapped each layer with 2 different ribbons, securing them with terrifically tacky tape where they met in back.  I used leftover ribbon and a glue gun to make the bows tha were added to each tier.  Each bow was attached to either a barrette or alligator clip (so that they can later be used in MacKenzie's hair or on a headband or hat), and attached to the cake using glue dots. 

Here you can see the other monkeys (cut from Create a Critter, using my Cricut) and the letter cards that were added to spell out her name.  The shape comes from the images on the Cricut Imagine.  All of the parts were printed and cut using white paper and the Imagine.  Around the back of the cake I added some soaps, lotions, socks and onsies that were decorated with images from the CI Nursery Tails cartridge (and, here's a surprise, I forgot to take pics!).


  1. This is really cute!! Such a functional gift for a new mom or mom-to-be... And perfect for a baby shower!! :) You should enter it in the 'ANYTHING GOES' challenge over at our NEW challenge blog: Decorate To Celebrate!... You can enter any project that can be used for a party (decorations, banners, cakes, cupcakes, invites, etc.)!! Hope to see ya there!! :)

    Amy :) at

  2. Great, great project!!! I have made a couple of these before and they makee awesome gifts, centerpieces etc. Thanks for sharing your creativity!
    Sherrie K

  3. How so very cute!!!! I love the monkeys!! I'm so going to make this project next time I need a baby gift. TFS.

  4. This is too darn cute! My only concern about it...I don't think I would want to give it away and I don't even have a baby. ;)

  5. super cute diaper cake love the monkeys