Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Boxes

What do you do with your cartridge boxes?  I no longer use mine to store my carts, they just take up too much room.  I couldn't just toss them out though, they're great quality.  So, in true paper-crater form, I altered them and passed them on to someone else that might be able to use them.  This one was given to my niece.  I figure she can use it to hold her special trinkets, jewelry, crayons, make-up (when she's older of course), whatever her heart desires.  Of course, I gave them away before taking pictures, but was able to get some sent to me on my phone.  The quality isn't great, but I think you get the idea. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shadow Box Gift

Here's a gift that I helped my cousin put together to give to her future MIL as a thank you.  All the paper is Stampin' Up as is the ribbon.  The large rectangle was put there as a matte for a photo of my cousin and her fiance (they hadn't actually taken the photo yet, lol).  We were able to find a nice poem online and alter it a bit to fit the situation better and included that on the matte to the right.  It was really sweet when they presented it to her at thier wedding shower.  She's been blessed with a wonderful MIL, and I'm so glad I was able to help her with this special gift.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speaking of Weddings

Last July, my cousin got married.  Of course, being the papercrafter I am, I offered to help with invitations as well as programs and favors.  I used Cricut Design Studio to design a pocket-fold card that would act as the invitation as well as the envelope.  On the inside left panel I hand stamped a peacock feather (her new name means Peacock in another language).  Anyway, it's difficult to see from the picture, but I was able to get both the purple and green that she wanted stamped on each feather by rolling the edges of the stamp in purple after having already applied the green ink to it.  Does that make sense?  The right inside panel was a pocket that help a postcard response card, which was computer generated and then stamped like the invite.  These invites fold up to about a 5"x5" square and are cut from one 12"x12" piece of cardstock. 

The wedding favors were made to hold tulip bulbs.  Nothing too fancy, just some paper, punches, stamps and ribbon.  They are triangular, and open ended.  The bulbs were put into cellophane bags and put inside the "boxes". 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding Wishes

Here's another card made last July.  It's difficult to see in the picture, but I used the Cuttlebug and embossed both the layers.  The larger layer was embossed using Swiss Dots (probably my favorite), and the smaller rectangle used Divine Swirls.  The stamps used were Stampin' Up, and I colored the cakes using a blender pen and pastels. 

Happy Anniversary Derek and Yvonne!

Car Decals

Here's another great idea for window decals.  These are just a couple that I had special requests for.  The first one went on the back window of a Mustang, and says, "Momma's Pony".  It also has the Mustang icon above the wording. 
This second one is on the back window of an old El Camino.  It says, "Get Trucked" and includes the Chevy "bowtie".  I used SCAL2 and my Cricut to cut them both.  I've also done a few smaller sized decals like this stick family.  I put it on my sister's car back in December.  It was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers, but it stayed put!  Notice the pregnant mom...only 3 weeks until she'll need an updated version.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lost my Mojo!!!

I'm in a crafting funk!  I want to do it, I really do, but I can't seem to get it together and actually do it.  So, rather than leave my blog without any updates, I've decided to look through some old pictures I have saved and post some of the projects that haven't been seen here yet.  I hope to be back really soon with something new...maybe from the new French Manor cartridge that's exclusive to the Cricut Circle members.

Today's card was actually made LAST July for a challenge using a digital stamp.  I used Stampin' Up paper, markers and punches.  Nothing fancy, but I figured it was fitting for today's post.  I'll be back tomorrow with another "oldie but goodie".

Toy Story 3D

So, my daughter celebrated her 17th birthday on June 18th.  What better way than to go to the midnight opening show of Toy Story 3D?  I offered to make her and her friends some shirts to wear, and they chose to have the alien from the movies on them (he's sooo cute).  Anyway, while I used my Cricut to do the cutting, the Toy Story cartridge hasn't been released to the public yet so I had to find my own picture and convert it to a file I could cut using SCAL.  I am loving the updates to SCAL2 that allows me to break apart pics that I have traced.  I was able to separate each part according to what color we wanted and then simply piece them back together when ironing the vinyl on. 

When the aliens were finished, the girls decided they wanted their names on their shirts as well.  Back to the web I went in search of a font that looked like childrens' builing blocks (it was the girls' idea).  After some tweaking, I was able to stack them and apply them to the shirts as well.  One more quick pic before I go (the morning after)...sorry Lex!