Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speaking of Weddings

Last July, my cousin got married.  Of course, being the papercrafter I am, I offered to help with invitations as well as programs and favors.  I used Cricut Design Studio to design a pocket-fold card that would act as the invitation as well as the envelope.  On the inside left panel I hand stamped a peacock feather (her new name means Peacock in another language).  Anyway, it's difficult to see from the picture, but I was able to get both the purple and green that she wanted stamped on each feather by rolling the edges of the stamp in purple after having already applied the green ink to it.  Does that make sense?  The right inside panel was a pocket that help a postcard response card, which was computer generated and then stamped like the invite.  These invites fold up to about a 5"x5" square and are cut from one 12"x12" piece of cardstock. 

The wedding favors were made to hold tulip bulbs.  Nothing too fancy, just some paper, punches, stamps and ribbon.  They are triangular, and open ended.  The bulbs were put into cellophane bags and put inside the "boxes". 

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